Why choose a heat pump?


Ground source heat pump is a low cost heating option. It provides the user with carefree, safe and economical heat.

Environmentally friendly

Ground source heat pump is an environmentally friendly heating option that utilizes solar energy.

Finnish quality

Finnish manufacturing and high quality components ensure reliable operation and efficient heat production even in harsh winter conditions.


Heat extracted from slurry provides heating for a pig farm

Heat extracted from slurry provides heating for a pig farm

Author: Dakota Lavento Thanks to an economical, ecological, and easy-to-use heat pump, the Pirkola farm is now home to both happier pigs and happier people. Located in Yppäri, a small village in North-Western Finland, the Pirkola farm has provided for the Pirkola...

Ground source heating for a bee farm

Ground source heating for a bee farm

Author: Dakota Lavento Images: Heli Hietala and Tomi Suvanto Translation: Mikael Jenu Upgrade to ground source heating was a great relief At Hannele and Tommi Suvanto’s bee farm, summer months are busy – and not only for the bees. Running a successful business takes a...

Heat from the ground

In recent years, ground source heat has become an increasingly popular form of heating, because it is carefree and economical for its user. With the help of ground source heat, heating costs can even be reduced to a third compared to direct electric heating. In addition, ground source heat is an environmentally friendly renewable energy that can be utilized throughout the year. In the finnish Oilon ground source heat pumps, these features also combine with modern design, ease of use and durability.

We have decades of experience in heating buildings. As a Finnish company, we understand the exceptionally high demands of long and cold winters on the reliability of heating equipment.


Oilon and Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps

Clear savings on ground source heat

By choosing ground source heat you can save up to 75% on heating costs compared to an alternative heating form.

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