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Are you interested in the sales, maintenance & servicing, installation, or design and engineering of Oilon and Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps? As a Scandinavian manufacturer with international reach, we are able to provide you with extensive support and a comprehensive range of high-quality products.

We are constantly seeking new partners to join our continuously growing network. Why not send us an application! Let’s join forces to create top-of-the-line heating and cooling solutions with heat pumps for both small buildings and large properties alike. Oilon and Lämpöässä ground source heat pumps are produced and designed in Finland under the Oilon Group’s umbrella. We provide training and support for our partners based on decades of experience in geothermal heating. This knowhow is supplemented by extensive knowledge of different heating solutions within the Oilon Group.

Join the constantly growing network of Oilon and Lämpöässä ground source heat pump professionals. Fill out the application on the Oilon group website:

Meet our sales team

Aarnio Markus

Markus Aarnio

Chief Business Officer,
Ground Source Heat Pumps (temporary)
p. 044 7576 411

Simo Ruusunen

Area Sales Manager
p. 044 7576 227

Laaksonen Mikko

Mikko Laaksonen

Area Sales Manager
p. 044 7576 288

Mäkitalo Antero

Antero Mäkitalo

Area Sales Manager
p. 0400 364 907

Export sales

Petri Virta

Export Director,
Ground Source Heat Pumps
p. 044 7576 259

Pirita Pouhula

Sales and Marketing Assistant
p. 044 7576 668

Maintenance and spare parts


Service/technical support:

Juha Salonperä

Technical Service Expert
+358 3 8576 673
(Finnish, English)

Jarno Enqvist

Technical Service Expert
+358 3 8576 412
(Finnish, English)

Mikko Syrjälä

Service Technician
+358 3 8576 674
(Finnish, English)

Janne Rekola

Service Technician
+358 3 8576 401
(Finnish, English)

Pasi Kytökorpi

Service Technician
+358 3 8576 756
(Finnish, English)

Ilari Vapamäki

Service Manager
+358 3 8576 249
(Finnish, English)

Linda Plusisaari

Customer Service Assistant
+358 400 968 591
(Finnish, Swedish, English)

Spare Parts

Spare part sales:

Manu Laaksonen

Spare Part Operative
+358 44 7576 706
(Finnish, English)

Eetu-Petteri Eronen

Spare Part Sales
+358 44 7576 705
(Finnish, English)

Merja Savander-Heinonen

Spare Part Sales
+358 44 7576 772
(Finnish, English)

Jukka Luostarinen

Chief Customer Service Officer
+358 44 7576 263
(Finnish, English)

For more specific contact details, visit the Oilon Group website’s Contacts section and click the Ground source heat pumps tab.: CONTACTS