ECO ground source heat pump

Compact and powerful

Economical heating in a small package


ECO’s small exterior hides a serious little powerhouse. Thanks to its compact size, ECO is easy and quick to transport and install almost to any space, even inside a cabinet. The unit will be delivered with an easy-to-use wireless touch screen.

When combined with an external storage tank, ECO is a high-quality yet economical basic solution. ECO is easy to connect to an existing system that has another heat source, such as oil heating, wood-fired boiler, or an electric storage tank heater.


Key benefits:

  • An economical and energy-efficient geothermal heating solution
  • Fits in a small space, easy to move
  • A wise choice if you have a separate storage tank
  • Guaranteed quality and reliability from Finland


Applications: buildings up to 600 m²


EasyAce – the most innovative solution for heat pump control

Bringing convenience and sustainability to a new level


Watch the video:

Choose a ground source heat pump that will take care of the heating for you economically. With decades of experience of the challenging heating conditions in Scandinavia, our experts have created a new, effortless way of managing heating to ensure maximum savings in heating costs.

You can manage your home’s heating anytime, anyplace – simply download our app onto your smartphone. The EasyAce app is currently available for Android devices only, with an iOS version due soon. The EasyAce control solution includes versatile calendar and boost functions for accurate optimization and maximum savings.

Download the remote app here: TO GOOGLE PLAY STORE ->


Use freely as you want:
• Lots of settings for accurate optimization and maximum savings
• Clear and versatile calendar functions for DHW and space heating at a swipe of a finger
• Let the system know of an upcoming trip and get back to a home that is exactly as warm or cool as you like
• View your heat pump’s real-time power consumption and heating output at a glance
• Versatile remote management options for heat pump professionals


More economical

The most economical heating method.


Effortless heating for your entire family – anytime, anyplace.


The heating system adjusts to your needs and increases your comfort of living.


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