ELi ground source heat pump

Flexible heating

Powerful heating solution for medium-sized and large buildings


The Oilon and Lämpöässä range includes two model series intended for heating larger properties: ELi and RE. An industry standard in Finland, ELi is a powerful ground source heat pump system that has been awarded the best A+++ energy classification. ELi units connect to a separate storage tank. They are typically used for heating larger buildings, such as terraced houses and apartment buildings, industrial and commercial properties, and farms. A single ELi unit is capable of providing heating for up to 1,500 m2 of floor space. If more capacity is required, you can connect several ELi heat pumps in parallel.

An ELi geothermal heating system is easy to integrate with a solar collector or other external heat source. Moreover, by adding ÄssäCooling units into the system, you can provide your apartment building or other location with (apartment-specific or shared) cooling, increasing its value. The heat pump’s ÄssäControl system even allows the system to utilize waste heat from different active cooling and refrigeration solutions used in agricultural applications (such as manure lane cooling) and other fields.




  • Safe choice: Time-tested quality with excellent Finnish craftsmanship.
  • Maximize your savings with unique technology: The system can simultaneously provide heating and produce domestic hot water exclusively with geothermal energy all year round.
  • Flexible and compact: ELi heat pumps are easy to transport, and they adapt flexibly to even the most demanding needs.
  • Versatile cooling options: easy to adapt for both active and passive cooling applications.
  • Control for several heating circuits: Split different areas (such as wet areas) into their own zones for temperature control, or control your domestic hot water circuit. Optional accessory.
  • Easy-to-use and clear control system: Designed in Finland, the ÄssäControl system provides a clear interface for heating control anywhere. The system has extensive support for a multitude of active cooling applications.
  • Extensive scope of delivery: Thanks to the extensive scope of delivery, installation is quick and easy. The units come with built-in circulation pumps.

Applications: For buildings up to 1,500 m²


Extensive control and management system


The ÄssäControl system used in ELi heat pumps has a clear touch screen with versatile function shortcuts, making it easy to control your heat pump. If required, you can even monitor and control your heat pump with a mobile device. Remote control is provided as an option.

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ÄssäControl cooling applications

The ÄssäControl system provides a wide range of options for implementing a cooling solution that utilizes the heat pump itself.
By adding ÄssäCooling units to your system, you can use the cool temperature deep in the ground for passive cooling, providing apartment-specific (or even room-specific) cooling for your residents. Furthermore, the control system is compatible with various free cooling and flexible cooling applications. Our cooling solutions are currently used in single-family homes, apartment buildings, farms (for cooling milk, manure lanes, poultry houses, etc.), industrial applications, and more.

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