Capacity range: 10 - 1300 kW

Oilon Plus

With the Oilon Plus filter and de-aerator unit, the oil pipeline between the tank and the burner can be realised as a single-pipe solution in an environmentally friendly way. Oilon Plus saves the burner and reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance of the burner, minimising burner failures caused by impurities possibly arising from the oil, pipeline or tank.

There are two models available

  • Oilon Plus for 10-350 kW
  • Oilon DoublePlus for 200-1,300kW.

The Oilon Plus single-pipe system is a smart system that ensures effective filtering of oil and automatic degassing. A single-pipe system prevents an oil leak that may arise due to the breakdown of the return pipe of a two-pipe system.

The Oilon Plus single-pipe system is designed for detached houses and small properties with capacity of less than 300 kW. It is easy to install in old and new oil-heated houses alike. In old houses, one only needs to plug the return pipe and connect Oilon Plus to the intake pipe. In new houses, only one oil pipe needs to be conducted between the tank and the equipment.